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Parish Information & Directory

Church Business

Street address:     

800 First Avenue

Opelika, AL 36801


Mailing address:              

P.O. Box 2332

Opelika, AL 36803-2332


Parish Office Telephone:   

(334) 745-2054


Parish Office Business Email:


The Rev. Liston A. Garfield




The Vestry
The Vestry of an Episcopal Church is the governing body of the church.  Members of the Vestry are elected by the parishioners and serve for three year terms.  By canon law the Vestry's role is to assist the Rector in the nurture and extension of Christ's Church, exercise the legislative authority for the Parish to transact all of its temporal business, preserve and adequately insure the Parish property, maintain adequate Parish records, maintain the financial resources of the Parish and maintain order and decorum during the time of public worship.

Bob Brown

Nancy Jonson, Senior Warden

Linda McPheeters

Meredith Klapetkova, Junior Warden

Aimee Sikes


Jitka Hilliard




Clerk of the Vestry

Nancy Jonson

(334) 821-7067



Bob Jonson

(334) 821-7067

Altar Guild

Nancy Jonson

(334) 821-7067


Children's Christian Education

(334) 745-2054

Flower Guild

Meredith Klapetkova 

(334) 744-1544


Intercessory Prayer


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